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Austin Air Purifiers

Napa Valley Vacuum is happy to offer our local communities the Austin Air Healthmate and Healthmate Plus Air Purifiers! Made in the Buffalo, NY USA. The Austin Air purifier is a great addition to any home with its unique patented design and its sleek yet subtle appearance. 

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For parents with asthmatic children, the Fall season can be a particular troubling time. Allergies, combined with the start of the school year, leads to a significant spike in asthma attacks and the number of children admitted to hospitals. We may not have much control over the quality of air on our streets. But there are a number of things we can do inside the home, to reduce risk and make our living space a healthier place. 

These 2 areas below are definitely where questions or concerns may come up currently

Click link below for COVID-19 questions or concerns

Click link below for Smoke questions or concerns

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